by Jac La Tour

This one is for all the churches out there. We just read a great blog post over at (a great resource for church leaders). Having experienced two consecutive years of financial upheaval, many churches (and other ministries) are thinking ahead to 2011. But what does 2011 hold?

In the excerpt, “Should Churches Increase 2011 Budgets?” currently posted at the Your Church Blog (the full article can be found on the Christianity Today website), it looks like several financial thought leaders are hesitant. And, while it’s impossible to predict the future, there are steps your church can take to prepare for next year.

One way, as you may have read in our previous post, is to set a liquidity target. Mark Jones emphasizes the need for ministries to start thinking about liquidity and cash reserves. That way you’re prepared for the future, even if giving continues to dip.

In the meantime, as our good friend Dan Busby stated in the Your Church Blog post, we’ll attempt to retain our “cautious optimism.”

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