by Susan Rushing

Having been a banker for more years than I like to admit, I have seen my share of changes in the financial world. There have been more in the past ten years than ever before. The reason? Technology.

Technology and ECCU’s ability to harness it has brought about some incredible efficiencies we never would have thought possible. Today, for example, you can make a deposit directly to your ministry’s ECCU account without leaving the comfort of your office—even if your office is in another state! With our Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service, all you need to do is run donor checks through a scanner, connect to a secure site on the Internet, and make your deposit. Not only does this improve your ministry’s cash flow, it also eliminates your need to go to the bank, photocopy checks, and fill out detailed deposit slips. RDC can even integrate the information with your donor system. All this means less time spent on banking and more on ministry.

Technology does more than help ministries like yours run more smoothly and efficiently. It can also enable them to grow in ways they may not have before. Another example…

One of our radio ministry members had no trouble attracting listeners to their website. They did, however, have trouble enlisting new donors. The problem was the process prospective donors had to go through to set up online giving. Once they got to the ministry’s website, they had to download, print, fill out, and mail back a form. ECCU’s web ACH service changed that process. Now people can sign up online, and the ministry can debit their account through a web ACH transaction to receive their contributions without waiting. The first month the ministry used this technology, they added 14 new donors. Pretty great compared to their previous growth rate of one new donor per month.

It’s technological advances like web ACH and Remote Deposit Capture that allow ECCU to help ministries focus and grow in ways we never could have imagined. For us, technology is constantly improving the way we partner with our members.

Are you aware of other technology that could help us serve you more effectively?

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