by Jac La Tour

I like to scour the Web for posts or articles that might help ministry leaders make wise decisions. Since I work for a credit union, I usually find myself on finance-oriented websites or blogs. But this week I found something compelling on Paul Clark’s blog that I thought churches (I know, I owe non-church ministries a post, too) might want to read.

In his post Church Giving – Rules Have Changed, Paul piggybacks off Ben Stoup’s Spring 2010 NACBA Ledger article, which presented a shift in how church attendees assess the effectiveness of how their tithes are being utilized. According to Stoup, church attendees want to see the results that are being produced through their giving. They want to see ministry impact.

Paul uses this insight to springboard into a “scorecard” that may help churches determine whether or not their church is healthy. It also provides a means of showing congregations what their dollars are doing. Paul’s metrics are insightful, and sure to provoke conversation among church leaders.

So…why does a financial institution like ECCU care? Because our goal is the same as yours—to produce Kingdom impact. Item #10 in Paul Clark’s list is “[Church] budgetary needs are being met.” We work with ministries to ensure that their finances are sound, whether that relates to an upcoming loan renewal or ensuring a ministry has an appropriate level of cash reserves.

At ECCU, it has never been about profit. It’s about making ministries more effective. We play a small role in that, and we’re glad men (like Paul) and women across the world are looking at the bigger picture, because we love serving alongside those ministries.

What do you think of Paul Clark’s list? Is your church measuring any of these items? Are you planning to?

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