by Jeremy Moore

I’ve sat in the executive pastor seat. I know how challenging (even seemingly impossible) it can be to get the rest of the staff, especially your lead pastor, to value the same priorities that you do when it comes to church revenues and expenses.

That’s one of the reasons we developed the four financial priorities model at ECCU.

We talk with hundreds of ministries every year, from church plants with a few hundred people to some of the largest and most sophisticated ministries in the country. Some are growing rapidly, others are fighting to survive. What we’ve found as we look at the common denominators is that ultimately, all ministries really should have four financial priorities:

  1. Ensure Financial Integrity. Without this one, the other three are useless, even dangerous.
  2. Maintain Adequate Liquidity. Churches that had this in place over the past two years have continued to thrive while those that didn’t are often struggling or even out of existence.
  3. Maximize Cash Flow. All about maximizing giving while also controlling expenses.
  4. Leverage Assets. Ensuring you are being the best possible steward of the resources God has blessed you with—people, property, and cash.

As with any priorities, the order of these four can change based on the current church situation, but frequent review and discussion can ensure that your church is putting the proper emphasis on good stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to you through your givers.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll unpack each priority in more detail and also share about an exciting tool that we’ve developed to help your church with the process of managing your financial priorities.

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