by Jac La Tour

Several months back, the California Credit Union League partnered with the Nevada Credit Union League to produce a series of commercials titled Credit Unions Work. The ad campaign highlighted the benefits of banking with credit unions instead of banks. Some of the benefits they articulated include:

Credit Unions = Nonprofit. Banks = For Profit.

While banks can do a great job serving customers, their overarching goal is to generate a profit for their shareholders. As nonprofit organizations, credit unions seek only to benefit their own members, because…

Members own the credit union.

Members who deposit money with credit unions are considered shareholders, so it really is about making transactions easier, building strong relationships, reducing costs, and putting their funds back into the community rather than increasing profits.                                                                          

ECCU is unique.

Here at ECCU, improving the member experience isn’t enough. It can’t be, because ECCU members are part of an exclusive group—Evangelical Christian ministries. That means that ECCU exists to make ministries more effective at pursuing their missions, which in one way or another is about advancing the kingdom. The ultimate goal isn’t building earthly treasures; it’s increasing eternal value.

This means ECCU offers financial services and expertise so that ministries can concentrate on building God’s kingdom. To see some of the ways we come alongside our member ministries, visit our stories of effective ministry videos page.

Member comments:

“One of the greatest things I can say about ECCU—it is a ministry. And it’s a business place, but it’s a place that’s led by the Lord.”

Philip Mensalvas, Church Administrator, Calvary Chapel Westgrove

“I would say to any other ministry, that before they take the Lord’s money to some secular bank, they really should give serious consideration to working with Evangelical Christian Credit Union. I know I can’t find another financial institution that would do what ECCU’s doing for ICR, because I’ve tried.”

Eileen Turner Spragins, CFO, Institute for Creation Research

“ECCU—the biggest thing—is that they believed in the mission God was calling us to. They haven’t just been this bank over there. They’ve been right here. I wouldn’t call them a bank. They’re a ministry partner.”

Susan Kennedy, Stewardship Director, The Rock Church

“…a common heart to serve people in the name of Christ. On a financial basis, ECCU is an extension of our ministry.”

Matthew Storer, President, Vision Trust


Have you experienced ECCU’s desire to help ministries be more effective so that kingdom work can thrive? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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