by Jac La Tour

Have you heard about the legal decision that was recently handed down in a case involving World Vision? Three former employees who identified themselves as Christians when hired were dismissed from their jobs after professing atheism. They sued World Vision claiming discrimination based on religious preference. [read more]

by Dennis Park

I read last week that the Great Recession officially ended more than a year ago. This probably came as a surprise to ministry leaders who are still working through recession-related issues like declines in giving and real estate values.  The latter, in fact, could have significant impact on your ministry’s ability to renew existing debt. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

The difference between banks and financial cooperatives like ECCU isn’t a topic that usually attracts a lot of attention. Well, I couldn’t ignore an article in the most recent issue of The Christian Century titled “Where’s your church’s money?”  

It starts by introducing the Move Your Money project, which urges “people to move their money from scandal-ridden megabanks to local institutions” like community banks and credit unions. [read more]

by Mark G. Holbrook

Transitions are important, aren’t they? Some of you can remember making the transition from typewriters to personal computers. For me, this post constitutes an equally eventful shift. Yesterday I wasn’t a blogger. Today I am. Amazing. And to think that when I gave up my typewriter, “blog” wasn’t even a word. [read more]

by Matt Branaugh

Earlier this month, we looked at two recent cases of church embezzlement, and the “zero tolerance” stance judges are starting to take against these crimes. [read more]