by Mark G. Holbrook

Transitions are important, aren’t they? Some of you can remember making the transition from typewriters to personal computers. For me, this post constitutes an equally eventful shift. Yesterday I wasn’t a blogger. Today I am. Amazing. And to think that when I gave up my typewriter, “blog” wasn’t even a word.

The transition from summer to fall is always eventful too, especially for ministries. I trust your ministry team is increasingly energized as you pursue your mission in this new season. And just like the ministries we serve, we’ve been busy here at ECCU. With so much happening, now is a good time for an update on what we’re up to.

This blog is a good place to start. We launched it in July, and it’s already well on its way to achieving our goal of delivering financial management insights and information while giving readers the opportunity to join an online conversation about ministry, money, and more. Please take time to comment on posts that catch your attention and invite your friends to join the conversation.

We also rolled out a new e-newsletter, Managing Ministry Money, which delivers the “best of” blog posts and updates on financial services, events, and other resources. I hope you choose to subscribe.

ECCU members have been receiving preliminary information about another initiative that’s been getting a lot of our staff’s attention—enhanced online banking. This significant investment of credit union resources is focused on making ministry banking quicker, easier, and more secure for our members. We’ll be communicating more details in the coming months about the launch of this new system.

Those ECCU member ministries that utilize our remote deposit services are now enjoying quicker access to their funds and reduced risk of fraud thanks to a recent upgrade. They’re also experiencing increased speed and accuracy through automatic email confirmations and duplicate deposit identification.

You’ve read several recent posts about cash reserves because we’ve been talking with so many ministries about the importance of building reserves. These conversations have prompted us to develop financial tools and resources to help ministries better understand liquidity and cash reserves. We’ve even created a new account to help ministries build their reserves—the Cash Reserves Savings Account.

See what I mean about this being an active season for all of us? I can tell you that we’re enjoying all the opportunities to better understand ministries’ needs and equip them with the financial services and resources to meet them.

What’s even more fulfilling, though, is the way these interactions and conversations are building relationships. I think that’s the aspect of being involved in a financial cooperative that keeps all of us working so hard. We are definitely better together.

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