by Jac La Tour

Have you heard about the legal decision that was recently handed down in a case involving World Vision? Three former employees who identified themselves as Christians when hired were dismissed from their jobs after professing atheism. They sued World Vision claiming discrimination based on religious preference.

While the court ruled in favor of World Vision, the case has profound implications for all ministries. To address these implications, ECCU is partnering with Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons (a law firm specializing in labor and employment law as it relates to non-profits and religious organizations) and the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) to co-sponsor a half-day event in Colorado Springs. Staffing Ministries with Fellow Believers: Lessons and Mischief from the Recent World Vision Decision will be presented on October 18, 2010, and address these topics:

  • The World Vision Decision: a “Victory” Breeding Mischief
  • The Human Resources Freedom Architecture
  • Benefits and Beliefs
  • Critical Issues for Ministries Active Internationally

One of the experts presenting will be L. Martin Nussbaum, Esq., an attorney who focuses on labor and employment, litigation, non profit organizations, and religious institutions. 

You can find details and registration information at

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