by Jac La Tour

I’ve spent the last two hours massaging my personal budget. Allocating expenses, transferring funds, setting goals—trust me when I tell you that writing this post is a welcome relief from juggling my finances. Isn’t that how it usually is? We would much rather focus on our interests, our passions, our calling, than on the funds that enable us to pursue them.

But focus on the funding we must. Thankfully, help is available. The upcoming 2010 Financial Forum for Ministries—one-day events presented by CapinCrouse LLP and ECCU—cover a variety of topics relevant to ministry finances, from nonprofit legislative issues, tax updates, and loan renewals to recent trends in fundraising.

When I asked a long-time friend of ECCU for her assessment of this event, here’s what Guaren Long from Hillside Community Church in Wrightwood, California, said:

“As a church, we are so focused on ministry…that’s what we do best. But we live in a world that has rules and laws that are not necessarily logical or ministry-friendly. As a result, overseeing the ‘business’ side of church can be overwhelming. The Financial Forum helps us maximize our ministries while complying with the law. Every year I come away with new information about how to administer our financial gifts. I am thankful for the guidance in the legal and financial arena!”

This year Dr. Ron Harris, vice president for university advancement at Vanguard, will cover the top ten best practices and trends in fundraising today. “We will look at focusing on long-term donor relationships, successful campaigns in this economy, and the importance of accountability—among other specific tools for implementing a consistently excellent fundraising program,” Harris says.

You’ll also hear from David Lee, ECCU ministry development officer and pastoral staff member, on how you can evaluate your ministry’s financial health to increase the likelihood of getting your loan renewed, and to ensure that you’re financially positioned to pursue your ministry’s mission.

Along with Dr. Harris and David Lee, you’ll glean from other speakers’ wisdom and experience with nonprofit finances. One day, four key financial topics, and zero dollars out of your ministry expense fund (except for travel). That’s right, the event is free. Hey, that’s one less thing you have to budget for.

Register today to attend this event at one of these four locations:

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