by Jac La Tour

We’ve been talking more lately about how deposits at ECCU are used exclusively to support member ministries. One of those ministries is the Denver Rescue Mission (DRM). Here’s a story of how God used the DRM in a significant way over Thanksgiving.

The DRM is as close to the intersection of the economic downturn and increased physical needs as any ministry. Their programs provide life-sustaining support to hundreds of people every day. And if you caught the ABC World News with Diane Sawyer on November 19, you saw just how abundantly God provided for people’s needs through one DRM program—its annual turkey drive.

A November 15 story on the ABC News website reported that “from California to Connecticut, food banks and charities nationwide report that donations of frozen turkeys—the cornerstone of a traditional Thanksgiving meal—have fallen dramatically this holiday season.”

DRM Director of PR Greta Walker was interviewed for that story. “This year has been really tough,” she said. “We started the turkey drive on November 1, and about ten days into it, we had zero turkeys. And I started to get really worried…We know that people have been struggling with the economy. We can tell with our numbers everyday. Our meal service programs have gone up 20 percent.”

Walker said the turkey shortage would have a ripple effect, because each year the 5,000 turkeys they collect are distributed to some 80 other organizations in the Denver area. So she got the word out about the shortage, and four days later she sent me an email with this message:

We started out 9 days ago with zero turkeys and now have over 11,000. We have distributed 9,000 to agencies and churches for their holiday food boxes. The community in Colorado is amazing!

Greater need often prompts greater generosity. How about at your ministry? Do you have a Thanksgiving story to encourage your fellow ECCU members? Post a comment and let us know.

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  1. My church Water of Life Community Church in Fontana started this year out with a goal to feed 1000 families in and around the Fontana area. Giving started out a little slower than previous years; however, on the last night of the drive we had a couple of families step up and give almost 100 turkeys each.
    So we were able to meet and even exceed our goal of feeding 1000 families. In addition to the turkeys we had 3 rooms full (floor to ceiling) of dry goods. We had so much that we were able to feed the families as well as give additional items away at our food pantry, City Link.

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