by Jac La Tour

Year-end giving, healthcare legislation…these are just a couple of the things affecting your ministry this time of year. The way I see it, the more I understand how you’re affected by these changes, the better I—and the team here at ECCU—can help you manage the financial impact.

Which is why I love our Ministry Advisory Panel (MAP). Through the use of brief periodic surveys, we are able to hear directly from ministry staff and leaders to better determine how we can help you manage your financial resources.

Our next survey (in early January) will explore how ministries of all types and sizes are reacting to 2010 year-end giving. We’re also gathering feedback on 2011 healthcare costs and how the new healthcare law is impacting ministries. Some of the information we’re uncovering includes:

  • How did 2010 year-end giving (December) compare to your budgeted expectations?
  • Have your plans changed because of 2010 year-end giving results?
  • How did calendar-year 2010 donations compare to calendar-year 2009?

Tucked into the survey is the latest information on the healthcare legislation, followed by questions such as:

  • Were you aware that the new healthcare law requires dependent coverage up to 26 years of age?
  • Were you aware that the new healthcare law includes a non-discrimination component mandating equal coverage for all covered employees?

To add your thoughts to this survey, participate in future surveys, and review previous survey reports, join our online Ministry Advisory Panel. Your input is what makes these surveys relevant and actionable. We look forward to hearing from you!

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