by Mark Jones

In between decking the halls and planning your Christmas Eve service, this time of year brings one additional task for many ministries: Finalizing your budget. Here are a few quick tips to simplify your budgeting process—and keep you in the holiday spirit—as you crunch the numbers: [read more]

by Jac La Tour

I owe you an explanation.

Remember the recent court case where three former World Vision employees sued the organization for discrimination based on their religious preferences? The case caught the attention of ministries everywhere, and for good reason. The implications are significant. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

I have always been a saver. Even as a child, I tucked away my allowance for a rainy day (making me quite popular when my siblings needed a loan). Recently, though, I read about a family who adopted a baby from China. The Lord laid it on their hearts to adopt, but they did not know where the money would come from. Then it dawned on them that they had a nice cushion of “emergency” funds set aside. What greater emergency is there than saving the life of a child, they reasoned. They stopped saving and started spending—whatever it took to bring that little girl home. [read more]