by Jac La Tour

At church on Sunday, I heard about a missionary in Africa who dedicated his life to sharing the gospel with people who had never even heard the name of Jesus. Ultimately, his mission cost him his life. I was reminded—once again—of the calling we all have to make disciples, and of the awesome privilege we have at ECCU to participate in missions. 

Looking back over the past year, we’ve had several opportunities to partner with our mission agency members and their missionaries in creative ways. A couple examples:

  • In October, a number of ECCU members from various mission sending agencies, churches, and other organizations traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to participate in the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.  Like other financial institutions, we monitor the use of member debit and credit cards for unusual spending patterns. While a bank might have immediately blocked cards with multiple purchases from South Africa, our familiarity with the evangelical community allowed us to quickly ascertain that this was legitimate spending for our members.
  • Over the summer, we were asked by a missionary member serving in Mexico if it was possible to set up a special fundraising account for his friend in need. He wanted to raise funds for this man’s son, who was born with a heart defect and needed surgery. God laid it on the heart of this missionary to find a way to raise the $70,000 in funds required, but he needed counsel on how to set up the account. After talking it over with him, we set up a relief fund account to hold donations for the child’s surgery. We eagerly await the day the goal is reached!

What unique needs do your missionaries have? How can we help you, as a sending agency, better equip your missionaries?

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  1. We have missions in Ukraine and India and missionaries in 47 other countries. Many of the physical needs are different, but the need for Christ is universal. The need for sound discipleship, not just evangelism is also universal.

  2. this is it the “it” of our universe. This is the reason we exist to Worship our creator and bring others to the knowledge of Salvation so they too can choose to worship…

  3. The partnership Amor Ministries has with ECCU is enriched by their understanding of the ebb and flow of cash, the risk/reward of helping us purchase property, and strength of ECCU’s relationships with others serving outside the U.S. as we do.

    At Amor, we appreciate that we are in that partnership with our banker – more than just a customer.

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