by Jac La Tour

Your Church blog has posted more information that is sure to provoke discussion about the way your ministry receives donations. 

In the post Report: More Older Americans Prefer Giving Online, ministries are encouraged to consider this new-found information. As the blog title suggests, online giving is no longer a trend only among younger donors; it’s now preferred by older Americans as well. 

How likely is it that this information will change the way your ministry accepts donations?

by Jac La Tour

Have you noticed a decrease in giving to your ministry? I’m sure you have given a lot of thought to possible reasons for the decline, but have you considered that the rise in gas prices could be a contributing factor?

According to a CNN Money article, the average household pays $368 per month on gas – probably the most noticeable increase to a household budget. Your Church blog New Report: Households Spent $368 on Gas Last Month talks about the effects that gas prices could have on giving. It offers direction for how leaders can respond to their congregations and maintain their budget during the summer months as gas prices may continue to rise.

How do you communicate with members or donors about the economy’s impact on their ability to give and on your ministry’s ability to pursue your mission?

by Jac La Tour

Let’s face it; most of us are either controllers or avoiders. We either want to be in charge of the things that scare us, or ignore them altogether. And nothing can strike fear in the heart like finances. So, when it comes to your church’s finances, are you taking too much control? Or not enough? 

According to a Church Central blog post, most ministry leaders either over-function or under-function in this role. How do you know if you’re taking appropriate responsibility? Read What Is Your Responsibility for Church Finances? and let us know where you fall.  

by Jac La Tour

Whether pastors should know what their members give is a touchy subject. In a past post, Doug Roller of Grace Church of Orange, Brian Kluth, former senior pastor of First Evangelical Free Church of Colorado Springs, CO, and Joe Ward of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield, TX weighed in. [read more]

by Mark G. Holbrook

What does it mean to “hurt” another believer? I’m not talking about hurting someone’s feelings, or even causing physical pain. 

If you look at Romans 14, specifically verse 15 (“For if because of food your brother is hurt, you are no longer walking according to love.”), you see a definition for “hurt” that means causing people to be spiritually weakened by your example. Tempting them to violate their conscience. Causing them to stumble.  [read more]