by Jac La Tour

We recently asked ECCU’s Ministry Advisory Panel* (MAP) “How did 2010 year-end giving (December) compare to your budget expectations?” More than one third of panelists (34.3%) said that their ministries’ 2010 year-end giving was 5% or more below their budget expectations.

According to USA Today’s article, “Study: Churches inching back from recession,” larger churches have found it easier to recover from the recession than smaller ones. 

Additionally, ministries continued to meet the needs of their members and communities even with limited resources. 

How does your ministry’s experience compare with the findings of these surveys? 

* The MAP is composed of ECCU member and non-member ministry staff and leaders representing evangelical Christian churches, businesses, schools, and other ministries. This report was produced by ECCU’s research department. To join the panel, click here.

by Susan Rushing

Most everyone knows that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This adage is certainly true when combating banking fraud. Prevention is especially important when dealing with a type of fraud known as “corporate account takeover.” Ignore prevention and your ministry could end up dealing with financial loss, negative publicity, and recovery efforts that divert time from kingdom work. [read more]