by Jac La Tour

Managing a ministry’s money has a lot to do with managing risk. A recent article on confirms that insurance is a vital aspect of ministry risk management.

“Churches have insurance needs that require the services of a specialist,” writes Martin Sinderman. “On the property side, church buildings are often uniquely constructed facilities…which insurers unfamiliar with churches can have difficulties valuing and underwriting. On the liability side, today’s churches are more and more involved in activities that present risks, such as childcare and counseling.”

For these and other reasons, Sinderman reports that “churches need to take the time to plan for what they truly require when it comes to coverage.” He says that poor insurance decisions can cost your ministry money through increased exposure to risk and higher insurance costs.

Charlie Cutler, managing partner of Cutler Church Insurance, a Southern California firm specializing in risk management for churches, agrees. “Risk management is essential to church management. We live in a litigious society, and churches are more susceptible to lawsuits than they realize. The church without protection is like the soldier without a shield—vulnerable to attacks from people who assume you are covered.”

Have you found that time spent identifying the right risk management resources for your ministry has been a good investment?

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