by Jac La Tour

How intentional is your church about planning the offering time during worship services? In a recent Church Executive blog, one pastor observes that while at most churches the majority of each service is planned very carefully, the offering often isn’t.

“Typically the offering is three minutes of random musings, some thoughtful prayer offered at the end of the announcements and the ushers come forward,” writes Ken Behr, executive pastor at Christ Fellowship in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He suggests that this represents a missed teaching opportunity.

“The offering can actually be a very powerful and rewarding time for all when it is carefully planned and intentionally delivered,” Behr says. “With the right amount in intentionality the time for the offering can become, Three minutes of stewardship.”

And while three minutes isn’t much time, he says it’s enough to introduce one key biblical principle, and over three months, that’s an entire sermon’s worth of teaching on stewardship.

How does your church handle the offering time?

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