by Jac La Tour

The headline was impossible to ignore: The Economy and the Church—Can the Church Rebound? The Atlanta Small Business Examiner article contrasts the economy’s negative impact on giving with one church’s experience.

A pastor at First Assembly of God in Griffin, Georgia, believes every church can rebound from the economy. Pastor Kenneth Peek says their church hasn’t been negatively affected by the economy—membership and giving have both increased. His advice for churches: Teach about the importance of tithing and check out the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) website.

In her Church Tech Today blog titled 5 Ways to Increase Giving Consistency, Lauren Hunter says another key is to create more giving channels. “It is a proven fact that online giving enables donors to have more control over their giving and they typically give more as a result,” Hunter writes.

Brian Kluth (Maximum Generosity) agrees. He’s cited in a Leadership Journal article (winter 2011 issue) titled “Sign Church Up for EFT” that leads off by saying that “if your church isn’t using electronic funds transfers for contributions, now is the time to sign up.” Kluth’s reasons are compelling:

  • Fewer people use checks these days. Ask any 26-year-old to write a check and see the look you get.
  • As many as 25% of church attendees are absent on any given weekend.
  • Another 15% never see an offering plate passed, because they are working in other ministries.

How about your church? Has opening up more channels to give helped you rebound from the economy?

(If you’re wondering about options for setting up online giving, consult your ECCU ministry development officer.)

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