by Jac La Tour

We’re bringing up the topic of cash reserves again for one simple reason: It’s important. So important, in fact, that we created a free tool to help you discern if your reserves are adequate. Because inadequate reserves can translate into inability to pursue your ministry’s mission.

Case in point: We recently analyzed the financials from a representative sample of churches across the US, and 32% of ministries that experienced financial distress over the past two years maintained less than 51 days of cash reserves. On the flip side, 92% of ministries who maintained over 51 days of cash reserves didn’t experience any financial distress. (Distressed ministries are those that were past due on payments to vendors 60 days or more.)

That’s where the free tool comes in handy. We created an online recording of our recent webinar to help you understand:

  • What makes up cash reserves
  • Why reserves are important for your ministry
  • How to establish a cash reserves target and begin building adequate reserves to reach it

You’ll also hear from a pastor whose church went through the process of building adequate reserves and how it benefited their ministry.

Not only is the webinar free, it’s easy. Simply visit After providing some basic contact information, you’ll have an opportunity to view the webinar and to download the ECCU white paper, Cash Reserves: How Much is Enough?

Give it a listen and leave a comment letting us know what you found most helpful.

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