by Jac La Tour

The headline was impossible to ignore: The Economy and the Church—Can the Church Rebound? The Atlanta Small Business Examiner article contrasts the economy’s negative impact on giving with one church’s experience. [read more]

by Mark Jones

It’s August. You’re in the middle of delivering your Sunday message, and suddenly the hum of the air conditioner ceases. You know it can’t be good. The air conditioner has failed. After your church makes this needed repair, will you have enough cash reserves? [read more]

by Mark G. Holbrook

“One measure for whether or not you’re rested enough—besides falling asleep in board meetings—is to ask yourself this: How much do I care about the things I care about? When we lose concern for people, …for friendship, …when we cease to laugh when our children laugh, …or weep when our spouses weep…—when we stop caring about the things we care about—that’s a signal we’re too busy. We have let ourselves be consumed by the things that feed the ego but starve the soul.” – Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God

What is it about rest that makes some of us resist it? To push it aside, find any reason not to succumb to it, like a four-year-old asking for his third glass of water at bedtime while eyelids droop low. [read more]

by Bethany Plumb

After taking a look at some of the challenges of multi-site church planting, and then the benefits of a multi-site over a megachurch, it’s time we get down to brass tacks on the subject. So, what exactly does it mean to be a multi-site church? What are the major differences—besides multiple locations—between a multi-site and other churches?

Multi-site expert Jackie Vance, from Harbor Church in San Diego, talked with me about the defining characteristics of a multi-site church and how they uniquely operate. [read more]