by Jac La Tour

Every day ECCU is privileged to play a small role in the life-changing work of hundreds of ministries. One of those we are humbled to serve is Compassion International, a ministry focused on freeing children from spiritual, emotional, and physical poverty.

Think about that: Compassion’s entire purpose for existence is to save lives. Compare that to the world of banking—offering financial products and services—and it’s tempting to feel like this job is, well…insignificant. Until you see the connection.

I recently read Mulu’s story on Compassion’s blog that reminded me of how something as mundane as banking can help change lives.

Mulu is a 25-year-old Ethiopian woman who overcame unthinkable tragedy:

While walking to visit her parents, Mulu was abducted by a man who forced her to marry him. For fear of loosing her life or shaming her family, she agreed to become his wife. While caring for her sick husband, Mulu became pregnant with her first baby…who died at just one week old. Her second baby, a girl, died at one month old. When she found out she was pregnant again, Mulu wanted to take her own life; she could not bear the thought of burying another baby.

That’s when she heard about Compassion.

(Read here how Compassion’s Child Survival Program changed Mulu’s life forever.)

This is what we get to be a part of at ECCU. Not just banking services, but investing in ministry. Providing ministries like Compassion with the banking resources they need to ensure child survival and medical interventions in Ethiopia, bring hope to people like Mulu. What a privilege…what a reason to show up at work every day.

The beauty of working in ministry is that it’s never just work, there is always a higher purpose. So, what motivates you in your ministry work? What is the connection between your daily tasks and investing in changed lives?

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