by Mark Jones

If you are on the board of a church, Christian school or other para church ministry, you have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the financial affairs are conducted in a prudent manner. And if you manage one of these nonprofits, you have direct responsibility for this as well. Through a well functioning independent audit committee, you can ensure your organization’s financial affairs are being properly conducted and your organization’s reputation protected. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

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by Jac La Tour

Every day ECCU is privileged to play a small role in the life-changing work of hundreds of ministries. One of those we are humbled to serve is Compassion International, a ministry focused on freeing children from spiritual, emotional, and physical poverty.

Think about that: Compassion’s entire purpose for existence is to save lives. Compare that to the world of banking—offering financial products and services—and it’s tempting to feel like this job is, well…insignificant. Until you see the connection.

I recently read Mulu’s story on Compassion’s blog that reminded me of how something as mundane as banking can help change lives. [read more]