by Mark Jones

It is common for ministries to transport U.S. dollars internationally for ministry work. When doing so, it is important to follow the U.S. laws that relate to transporting of cash and monetary instruments.  [read more]

by Jac La Tour

If you receive an email for your ministry regarding a failed ACH transaction that appears to be sent from NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association), do not open it or you risk infecting your computer with a sophisticated new version of malware that could ultimately siphon large amounts of money from your ministry’s bank accounts. [read more]

by Mark Jones

“As hard as it may be to believe, embezzlement is a relatively common occurrence in churches.”  — Richard Hammar, attorney and CPA

I recently did some research on fraud while preparing a presentation for ministry leaders about protecting their ministry assets. I expected to find some news articles but was surprised to find so many reports of fraud recently discovered in churches and nonprofits.

Like me, many in the ministry world probably think that embezzlement rarely happens. Unfortunately, we are wrong. [read more]