by Jac La Tour

The upcoming ECCU webinar, Proven Ways to Increase Giving to Your Ministry, will feature successful fundraising efforts by several ECCU member ministries. Attendees will also hear from two presenters with extensive ministry experience and a passion for helping ministries pursue their missions.  

John Barbar is the business manager at Boca Raton Community Church in Florida. He also leads Barbar Financial Solutions, Inc., a team of business professionals who are passionate about helping nonprofit leaders and business owners accomplish their vision. John has 30 years of experience in financial leadership, corporate administration, and project analysis for profit and nonprofit organizations.

Jeremy Moore is a ministry development officer with ECCU. He specializes in creation and implementation of ministry financial strategies. His professional background includes positions as certified financial manager at Merrill Lynch and senior vice president of commercial banking at one of the nation’s largest banks. And like John, Jeremy is passionate about making ministries more effective. 

If you’d like to register for this March 15 webinar, click here.

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