by Mark Jones

I came across this great reminder of simple but important ways to thank and communicate to donors from Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

I especially love this suggestion: “Write a Greeting Card, Not a Business Letter.” It probably stands out to me because I have been on the receiving end of such a thank-you. One ministry I support does this very well. Even with an automatic monthly donation, I get a personalized thank-you note from a different person in the ministry each month.  They tell me how important I am to the ministry and how my gift is making a difference.  Even though I still get a receipt, it’s the personalized note that really makes me feel connected with the individuals and ministry as a whole. This is certainly a different feel than when I just get a generic thank-you letter from another ministry I give to.

Have any of these nine ideas been used at your ministry? Do you have other meaningful ways to thank your donors?

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