by Jac La Tour

Devastating wildfires around Colorado Springs have destroyed 300 homes, endangered church and ministry facilities, and displaced thousands of people. Hundreds of ECCU members have been affected, with many still at risk. Please pray as ECCU members and staff respond.

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CO Fire
Colorado wildfires rage on the horizon in this photo taken on Tuesday, June 26, just two blocks from ECCU’s Colorado Regional Office by Vice President Gary Kehr.

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  1. To Saints in Colorado Springs:

    My prayer is for your safety, quick containment of the flames, and protection of lives and property.

    Our southern California location means we are no strangers to wildfires. Therefore, we know about helplessness as the flames advance.

    May God soon stem the fire terror as His faithful cry out for relief.

    Carl J. Fielstra
    Green Oak Ranch Ministries, Inc.
    Vista, CA

  2. To our Christian brothers and sisters–We want you to know we are praying for you. Our church staff had a prayer meeting just yesterday for God’s providence and care for you all in this serious situation. We pray that the gospel will also be advanced in this time of crisis.

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