by Jac La Tour

The best ministry budgets are built by people who know ministry and finances. Presenters for the upcoming ECCU webinar Budgeting 101 meet both qualifications. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

Two ECCU employees, David Paltza and Jay Sherer, have been nominated for the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition hosted by the Credit Union Executives Society. Nominees are being judged on a project that they are implementing. David and Jay have both selected projects that impact Christ-centered ministry across the globe.

For more information on their projects, and to vote for David or Jay, please review our news release.

by Mark Jones

As ministries tightened their budget belts these past few years, they’ve also come to rely more on volunteers than ever before. But every ministry knows the challenges that accompany finding—and retaining—quality volunteers. How do you build a successful volunteer program? For starters, begin with a comprehensive orientation program. Shawn Kendrick from VolunteerHub shares his recommendations and best practices.

How have you found success in retaining volunteers?

by Jac La Tour

A good budget can help your ministry plan for and stay focused on its highest priorities. Two upcoming webinars are being offered by ECCU to help you budget better. [read more]

by Mark G. Holbrook

There’s no avoiding it. Sooner or later, we are all accountable. When it’s welcomed as an integral part of our lives, accountability is the very foundation of personal development and organizational health. When accountability is absent, delayed, or dysfunctional, our character, reputation, and effectiveness suffer. And when the inevitable consequences arise, weakly accountable people are surprised when their lives begin to fall apart. [read more]