by Jac La Tour

This is the third in our series of email interviews with presenters for the upcoming 2012 Financial Forum for Ministries.

David Lee is a ministry development officer with ECCU. He will speak at all four forums about how to evaluate your ministry’s mission/money alignment and adjust spending to improve it. Here are David’s responses to my questions.

Jac: How will your presentation help attendees better serve their ministries?

David: Misaligned ministries, like cars with wheels out of alignment, can develop serious problems if the alignment problem is not corrected quickly. This presentation will challenge attendees to evaluate their current alignment and suggest possible solutions for issues of misalignment. The goal is to uncover not only the best practices of ministries that seem to have true alignment between their mission and money, but more importantly, to learn from mistakes ministries have made and identify the appropriate corrective action. 

Jac: What are three important takeaways attendees will learn during your presentation?

David: First, we’ll identify the risks and factors that contribute to misalignment of a ministry’s money and mission. Then we’ll talk about how to determine whether your ministry’s money is aligned with its mission. Finally, we’ll discuss methods for adjusting ministry budgets and spending priorities to improve alignment.                                            

Jac: How will the format of the forum make it an even more valuable learning experience?

David: In addition to focusing on the learning objectives I just listed, we’ll incorporate testimonials and examples from various ministries that have experienced misalignment of their mission and money.  

Next up will be Gary Hoag, the “Generosity Monk,” who will be presenting on executing your stewardship responsibilities as a leader and encouraging others to generously participate in your ministry despite tough times.

Follow this link to learn more and sign up for the financial forum in your area.

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