by Jac La Tour

This is the fourth in our series of email interviews with presenters for the upcoming 2012 Financial Forum for Ministries.

Gary Hoag serves as the Generosity Monk, providing spiritual and strategic counsel for denominations like the Evangelical Free Church of America and the Anglican Mission in theAmericas, and for ministries like Prison Fellowship and International Health Services. He will speak at each of the three 2012 California forums about your stewardship responsibilities as a leader and encouraging others to generously participate in your ministry despite tough times.

Here areGary’s responses to my questions.

Jac: How will your presentation help attendees better serve their ministries?

Gary: My prayer is that people go away informed and inspired to do their work in a way that is biblically faithful and financially fruitful. I will seek to accomplish this objective by presenting biblical principles, inviting interactive discussion, and sharing an amazing story about a ministry leader who is a good example for us all.

Jac: What are three important takeaways attendees will learn during your presentation?

Gary: Call it going the extra mile if you wish, but I want attendees to learn six important lessons from Scripture—three tips for practicing faithful stewardship in tough times and three tips for encouraging Christian generosity in tough times. It’s my clearest and best advice for leaders who want to be found faithful and fruitful                                                   

Jac: How will the format of the forum make it an even more valuable learning experience?

Gary: This session is content oriented, so a formal presentation and the detailed outline will contribute substantially to the experience. The opportunity to ask questions will help attendees firmly grasp the concepts presented.

Next up will be Pastor Brian Kluth with Maximum Generosity, who will be presenting on creative ways to move ministry forward even in the midst of tighter budgets and a challenging fundraising climate.                         

Follow this link to learn more and sign up for the financial forum in your area.

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