by Jac La Tour

This is the fifth in our series of email interviews with presenters for the upcoming 2012 Financial Forum for Ministries.

Brian Kluth is former senior pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church in Colorado Springs, who commissioned him as a generosity minister-at-large to the global church, and founder of Maximum Generosity. He will appraise current funding realities in churches and ministries today and share best practices and resources that staff and leaders can use to inspire generosity and increase giving. Here are Brian’s responses to my questions.

Jac: How will your presentation help attendees serve their ministries?

Brian: Growing economic difficulties are leading to decreased giving in many churches and ministries. As a result, they’re having to adjust to a “new normal” when it comes to finances, fundraising, and budgeting. This session will help attendees discover practical and creative ways to move their ministries forward in the midst of tighter budgets and a challenging fundraising climate.

Jac: What are three important takeaways attendees will learn during your presentation?

Brian: Empty Tomb, Inc., reports a 40-year decline in the percentage of income that Christians in the United States donate. The first thing attendees will take away from this session is an understanding of how major national trends impact giving to ministries and churches. They will also discover ten ways God provides and moves ministry forward, including nine that are possible even when the budget says “no.” The final takeaway is a list of five key ingredients needed to make any fundraising and generosity initiative more successful in churches, ministries, and the work of missionaries.

Jac: How will the format of the forum make it an even more valuable learning experience?

Brian: A variety of valuable materials will accompany the presentation, including graphs on giving trends, lists of the 50 best practices to increase giving and 80 helpful websites, planning worksheets, and other generosity-related handouts. Attendees will return to their churches and ministries with many resources to share with staff, leaders, and committees.

Next up will be Dave Moja, a partner and national director of not-for-profit tax services with CapinCrouse LLP, who will discuss recent Internal Revenue Service, congressional, and court benefits. He’ll also talk about ministers‘ payroll and unrelated business income as well as health care compliance issues.

Brian will present at the financial forum in Colorado Springs on December 4, 2012. Follow this link to learn more and sign.

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