by Mark Jones

According to GuideStar’s recent survey of nonprofits, for the first 9 months of 2012, 34% of nonprofits reported an increase in donations while 37% reported a decline. These mixed results are attributed to the lasting effects of the Great Recession and slow economic recovery.

The major cause cited by 77% for the decline in donations was smaller gifts from individuals when compared to previous years. The other major cause was fewer individual gifts.

In addition, 30% expected year-end giving to be higher than last year while 29% expected giving to be lower. 

Surprisingly, 42% of nonprofits were planning on increasing their 2013 operating budget when compared to 2012.  32% will keep budgets the same and 24% will reduce their budget. 

How are you and your ministry viewing 2013?  Are you planning for an increase in donations?  Planning for things to be about the same or lower?  With so much in economic uncertainty right now, cautious and prudent planning for 2013 seems appropriate. 

Grateful we can trust God for the just the right amount of resources we need.

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