by Jac La Tour

This is the final post in our series of email interviews with presenters for the upcoming 2012 Financial Forum for Ministries.

Dave Moja is a partner and national director of not-for-profit tax services with CapinCrouse LLP. He will discuss recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS), congressional, and court pronouncements. He’ll also talk about ministers’ payroll and unrelated business income as well as health care compliance issues. Here are Dave’s responses to my questions.

Jac: How will your presentation help attendees serve their ministries?

Dave: The tax laws affecting churches and ministries are constantly changing. And, in many cases, the accounting teams at these organizations do not have a central place—no “one-stop-shop”—where they can go to keep up with all these changes. This session will provide up-to-date information on tax and compliance issues that should be pertinent to attendees. They should leave better equipped to handle the continual onslaught of government requirements. We are most definitely in a “season of compliance.”

Jac: What are three important takeaways attendees will learn during your presentation?

Dave: The first thing attendees will take away is a summary of recent IRS pronouncements that affect their ministries. They will also receive practical insights and a list of the best methods for handling not-for-profit tax and compliance issues. A third takeaway will be predictive insight into what new requirements are expected in 2013 and beyond.

Jac: How will the format of the forum make it an even more valuable learning experience?

Dave: I will tackle the daunting task of keeping up with compliance issues by providing a number of handouts that should allow attendees to focus on the presentation and take valuable data with them for future reference. This kind of material is best explained in a give-and-take format, so attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions.

Dave will present at the financial forum in Colorado Springs on December 4, 2012. Follow this link to learn more and sign up.

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