by Jac La Tour

I just read a blog post by T.J. Addington that made me want to give him an award. You can tell by the title that his point was simple: Does your ministry budget reflect your ministry priorities? But like many simple points, this one isn’t easy to pull off. [read more]

by Mark Jones

The Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations just published their report, which was presented last week to Senator Charles Grassley. The report is based on two years of work by 80 nonprofit, tax, and legal experts and leaders, including ECCU President/CEO Mark G. Holbrook. It promotes solutions to key policy issues related to financial accountability in the religious and broader nonprofit sector.

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) led the effort to form the Commission and has made the 94 page report available for review. [read more]

by Mark Jones

Seemingly, we can’t go anywhere without hearing about the looming “fiscal cliff” and various potential consequences of what may happen if Congress doesn’t act. Plus, we don’t know exactly what may come out of last-minute negotiations. So how is this situation impacting donors and their decision to give?

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by Mark Jones

It’s the time of year we commonly announce and collect special gifts, often called “love offerings,” for our ministry staff. Proper handling of these gifts can be complex. The IRS has ruled on a number of cases that provide guiding principles for both donors (as to tax deductibility of the gift) and recipients (as to whether the gift should be treated as income). [read more]