by Jac La Tour

I just read a blog post by T.J. Addington that made me want to give him an award. You can tell by the title that his point was simple: Does your ministry budget reflect your ministry priorities? But like many simple points, this one isn’t easy to pull off.

T.J. makes all kinds of other important points, like this one:

Budgeting should not start with the past but with what you intend to accomplish in the future. The starting point is where we want to go, not where we have been. Budgets should help us drive our ministry agendas.

These words are written from hard-earned experience. As a senior vice president with the EFCA, he leads ReachGlobal, the EFCA’s international mission, which has a mammoth 10-year vision: To touch 100 million people with the gospel. Without focusing ministry resources, that vision would be just a pipe dream.

Your budget is a primary tool for aligning your ministry’s money with its mission. If it doesn’t reflect your priorities, then, well, they’re not really priorities. This point is so important that we spent nearly half of our advanced budgeting webinar talking about how to do it. And it was the whole point of David Lee’s session at this year’s Financial Forum for Ministries.

I like the way T.J. thinks. If you do too, you may want to swing by his blog Leading from the Sandbox on occasion.

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