by Jac La Tour

One thing that distinguishes ECCU from other banking resources is the way we pursue our mission. While we are a financial institution, at the core we’re an alliance of Christ-centered people and organizations, mutually committed to fueling ministry worldwide.

This cooperative spirit will come into play on January 24 when David Lee, long-time ECCU ministry development officer, presents a webinar offered by a long-time strategic partner of ECCU—the Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA). Titled 6 Things Financially Healthy Ministries Do Right, this webinar will present insights and best practices from ministries like yours that stayed healthy during the recession.

To give you a preview of David’s presentation, I asked him a few questions:

Jac: Are the ideas you’ll present opinions or are they based on actual ministry experiences?

David: I’ll be presenting ideas and insights gleaned from discussions with hundreds of ministries by our relationship managers over the past several years. And while some of what I’ll cover is based on anecdotal rather than empirical data, all of it has been clearly evident in ministries that are financially healthier.

Jac: What’s one idea that every ministry should know?

David: We live in a world of quick fixes and hopes of an app that can resolve our problems, but there is no perfect solution, answer, or path to creating a financially healthy ministry. What may work for Ministry “A” may not be the best solution for Ministry “B.” However, there are foundational principles that we can all consider to help us mitigate risk and refocus our ministries on fulfilling God’s calling.

Jac: Will the ideas you present account for the fact that mistakes are sometimes the best teachers?

David: Absolutely! In fact, many of our findings are based on different ministries that have made similar kinds of mistakes. What makes learning from mistakes so effective is that we can see the actual consequences of mistakes made by others without having to personally experience those consequences.

Jac: What are three important takeaways attendees will learn during this webinar?

David: Here’s what I’m hoping they’ll walk away with. First, a better understanding of the six things financially healthy ministries do right. Second, at least one proven method for aligning their money with their mission. And third, practical measurements or metrics that we’ve found to be great indicators of a financially healthy ministry.

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