by Jac La Tour

When I visited the Rock Church in San Diego a few years ago, the first person I met was their receptionist. After she greeted me, I asked her to tell me what they were all about. “We’re a do something church,” she quickly replied. Are they ever! A year ago they invested the equivalent of 100 full-time people (235,000 volunteer hours) serving their city.

How do they do it? Next month, Senior Pastor Miles McPherson and his team will tell their story at the Do Something Church Summit on Friday, March 8. To see and hear more about the Summit, watch this video trailer:

To get more of an idea of what the Rock Church has learned by getting serious about serving, I emailed a few questions to Miles. Here’s what he said.

MBG: San Diego has experienced the love of Jesus through the Rock Church. How have people in the city responded to that love?

Miles: The volunteer work of the people of the Rock has fostered many relationships and partnerships with community-based organizations. Once they see that we are there to serve, ongoing partnerships are fostered that result in continued open doors for service.

MBG: What are some hurdles pastors typically face when presenting their congregations with the vision of becoming a Do Something Church?

Miles: Pastors will feel burdened to organize all of the ministries with their staff, feeling like it can get messy using volunteers to lead the efforts, but this is the beauty of the model. There are so many high capacity volunteers waiting for the chance to get in the game. If their efforts were unleashed, the amount of ministry they could accomplish would grow exponentially.

MBG: What’s one significant way that being a Do Something Church has changed the Rock Church?

Miles: It has created a culture of service among our congregation. People are now trained to look for and address practical problems facing the people of our community instead of just walking by and praying for them.

MBG: Besides a customized plan for their churches, what are a couple major takeaways people can expect by attending the Summit?

Miles: They can expect to take away a whole new philosophy on outreach. The Summit will provide them with a complete plan of action for how to launch dozens of volunteer-led ministries in their church. They’ll be equipped to plan church-wide community service events in partnership with community leaders—including their city’s mayor. And they’ll take away new resources and tips to expand their reach through technology. This is going to be an event you don’t want to miss!

To learn more or register for the Summit, visit Cost is $99 per person, which includes a Thursday-evening dinner reception.

Have you discovered that serving your community opens doors for the gospel? Please comment and let us know how.

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