by Mark Jones

According to a new survey published by the Barna Group, 79% of evangelicals have donated money in the past year, compared to 53% of born again non –evangelicals. Of those evangelicals who give, 66% give to their churches and 28% give to other non-profit organizations.

 Evangelical Christians are also the faith group that donates the most: 26% donated $2,500 to $5,000, and 6% donated over $10,000. This compares with a national average of 7% and 1% respectively in these amount categories.

 So the survey says that evangelicals do in fact donate more than others. Does this surprise you? Would you expect this?

 If we follow Jesus’ teaching, we should be the giving the most, because we understand that we have the most to be thankful for in the gift of God’s forgiveness through Jesus’ sacrifice. Plus, we understand that we are to be shrewd stewards of the resources we’ve been given.

 A question we should all be asking: “Am I a generous giver regardless of what the survey says?”

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