by Jac La Tour

It’s a common tension for churches. Too many needs…too few resources. But what if there were a way to actually identify and meet more and more of the needs in your city? One pastor, Miles McPherson at the Rock Church in San Diego, says it’s possible, so we asked him to explain how.

It is very common for a church to identify all the needs of their community and be a bit daunted by the length of the list. “We simply haven’t got the resources to heal this many hurts,” they say. That makes some sense, I must admit. Whose budget can handle everything?

What happens is this. Instead of a church believing that God has placed them in their community to bring the love of Christ to every corner, they are relegated to believing that they are simply there to do what they can. Good enough is good, right?

Well, consider how you would view your community if you did believe you were there for all the pains. How would it change your church? How would it change your community?

“Hey, McPherson, we haven’t got the budget, remember?”

You don’t need it! What you can do is train your ministries to be self-sustaining. You know, teach them to fish. You can do it. We do it here at the Rock Church by utilizing the powerful outreach strategies of Do Something Church. Instead of your ministries being a drain on the church funds, they can flourish under their own strategies for creating income. If you want to learn how, Do Something Church can show you.

Do Something Church’s vision is to establish global pervasive hope by uniting churches around the world with one simple goal: For every way a person can be lost, Do Something Church wants to teach leaders how to provide a practical way they can be found in the very place they’ve ended up. Do Something Church teaches innovative tools and resources for how to meet needs in our communities without any expense to our churches’ general giving.

Not only that, your community is spending crazy amounts of tax dollars on all kinds of services that your church could mobilize to perform—and save the people in your town their hard-earned wages.

This year to date, the Rock Church has given 233,712 volunteer hours to the city of San Diego. In doing so, we have saved the city over $4 million! We are serving our neighbors, but we are also currying favor with the city fathers who, little by little, dollar by dollar, see our church as an integral part of their success. The goal is to be the kind of church that, if a new highway threatened to force our relocation to another city, San Diego would fight to keep us.

It’s good economics. It’s good stewardship. It’s good for building relationships and spreading the love of Jesus.

It’s just plain good.

You can learn more about becoming the kind of church Miles describes by attending the upcoming Do Something Church Summit, November 7–8, 2013. For details or to register, click here.

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