by John Campbell

Here’s a thought. All kinds of people are thinking about giving at Christmas and year-end, especially generous, kingdom-minded people. Of course the competition for givers’ attention is stiff during December. Retailers, movie studios, and sports leagues save their best stuff for the Christmas season. So why not pull in your most creative team and brainstorm some ideas that might inspire your people to give?

Our team works closely with ministries that do this very effectively. Here’s one example. A church in San Diego promotes an annual Christmas Conspiracy. They pick three or four projects and promote them heavily (announcements, social media, videos, mailers) during December. Why? To inspire their congregation and show them how their giving can advance the kingdom. By presenting several projects, they increase the chances that one will closely align with each person’s ministry passion.

It’s not too late to start promoting year-end giving, but when you do, don’t focus on the numbers. Instead, tell a story. Financial goals seldom capture the imagination, but stories of how donations actually change real people’s lives can. Show how past donations fueled ministry that shaped a person’s life or fed a child or delivered the gospel right at the time a person most needed to experience it.

Who knows, maybe one of the best gifts you can give people this Christmas is to inspire them to give.

What year-end promotions have proven effective for your ministry?

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  1. Debra Smith @ 2013-12-03 07:40

    I just learned about the ECCU and am excited to know of it and of this helpful blog. I’ve long been looking for a convenient (i.e. online, not involving mailing a check) way to give to charities that DOESN’T involve credit card companies committing near-highway-robbery with their ~3%-ish fees. Could you please consider blogging sometime about the most cost-effective and efficient way(s) for givers to give?

  2. John Campbell @ 2013-12-03 09:51

    Debra we’re happy you found us too! Convenient and cost effective giving is a great topic. We don’t always think about it, but every form of giving (or receiving) has some level of processing cost. Ministries then decide on where they see the greatest value. I recommend contacting your favorite ministries and ask if they have a preferred method.

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