by Jac La Tour

It’s easy to think that identity theft happens to other people, until you become one of the other people. Then the nightmare begins.

One source estimates that 10 percent of Americans have had their identities stolen, costing them an average of $5,000 and requiring over 300 hours to recover from the theft.

The Internet is a common hunting ground for identity thieves. The more active you are online—making purchases, using social media, conducting financial business—the more vulnerable you become, primarily to phishing attacks.

What does this mean for those who support your ministry through online giving? For one, they’ll appreciate assurances that your systems are safe and secure. This is why we feature member security prominently on our website.

Donors may also appreciate reminders that it’s important for them to guard against identity theft. A creative resource I ran across recently is a 10-question online identity risk calculator. Each question teaches about an aspect of online risk. Answers produce a risk assessment (mine was average) with a link to “some simple, practical steps to ensure your online identity remains protected.”

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