by Jac La Tour

If you work on the business side of church ministry, you’ve probably heard of Matt Branaugh (Managing Your Church) and David Fletcher (XPastor). We don’t link to many other blogs or resources, but we link to theirs.

Earlier this month Matt published an interview with David on Managing Your Church. His last question gives you a good idea of the kind of ground they covered.

Matt: Last question. What one church administrative matter is most top of mind right now among executive pastors?

David: Thinking of the e-mails I’ve received, the denominational network I’m a part of, and the XPastor network, some of the most common questions have to do with budget: ratios of staff to budget. Many are trying to get hold of what the right size of the organization looks like.

Earlier in the interview, David talks about the Great Recession’s impact on staffing and compensation. To see the whole conversation, check out Doing More Ministry with Less—While Still Keeping Boundaries.

How would you answer Matt’s question?

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