by Jac La Tour

When you say that ECCU is actually an alliance of people and organizations committed to fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide—people sometimes wonder what that looks like. A new video shows them.                      

The video tells Lisa and Kenn Dirrim’s story. After lengthy careers, Lisa in banking and Kenn as a firefighter, the Dirrims sensed a call to missions and followed Jesus to Athens, Greece. They went, Lisa says, to “proclaim and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ by serving Muslim refugees.” It is service that’s best described as being the hands and feet of Jesus.

“Today is Friday,” the video begins, with Lisa speaking. Then a question: “What did I give today?” Her answers illustrate what a life of Christ-centered ministry can look like. One example:

“I gave shorts to a little boy from Afghanistan who came in with a shirt and no pants. And I had pants to give.”                

Visit here to learn more about banking with a ministry fueling alliance.

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