by Chris Hernandez

Ever wonder what your money is doing when you aren’t using it? Sure, it’s sitting in your savings account earning interest. At ECCU, we tell our members that their deposits also help to fuel ministry. But what does that look like?                                                                                   

One of the more obvious ways that deposits become fuel is by helping us provide loans to growing churches and other ministries. Less obvious is the ripple effect these loans have. They generate income for ECCU, income that enables us to do things like provide low-cost banking services to missionaries. The cost of these services is so low that in 2013 we saved our missionary members almost $800,000, money they would have paid in fees at other banks.

Why does that matter? Well, every mission agency I have spoken to says the primary challenge their missionaries face is raising enough support to go to the field or to stay on the field. So when we save fees for missionaries, we look at it as financial support for them, support that our members have given, that now fuels the Christ-centered ministry they’re called to do.

So you see, even as your personal savings and organizational deposits at ECCU can earn you a great rate of return, they can also serve the Lord’s purposes—fuel Christ-centered ministry—all around the world.

If you’d like to fuel more ministry, learn about your savings options by clicking on the appropriate link below.

If you’re a missionary, click here.

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If you’re already a member and would like to tell your friends and family how they can fuel ministry, click here.

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