by Jac La Tour

Does the constant change in existing social media and proliferation of new social media and shifting opinion about the best use of social media leave you confused or frustrated or ambivalent about social media?

Yeah, whatever.

Since our world revolves around the gospel, it’s easy to see time spent wrestling with social media as, well, wasted. Questions like “Would Jesus have had a Twitter account?” seem silly. But when I turned the tables, it sounded silly too. Like Jesus asking, “Would Jac climb in a fishing boat to preach?”

There’s a legitimate question behind both of the silly ones: How can we effectively demonstrate and declare the gospel? It’s a question that’s been worth asking for a couple thousand years.

I read a Churchmag blog recently that helps people like me, and maybe you, sort through the social media maze to answer this question. Social Media Trends Shaping 2014 isn’t the catchiest title, but the blog did catch my attention. It leads with a long and very cool infographic that shows the trends shaping our time. Here they are:

  • Social Listening
  • Data-Based Marketing
  • Pictures
  • Online Meets Offline

There’s plenty of thought-provoking info in the graphic, but I especially appreciated the blogger’s (Eric Dye) perspective on it. “While online actions are great,” he says, “it’s that real life offline engagement that makes the connection complete.”

Now that makes social media worth talking about. You’ll find the whole blog here.

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  1. Since I have used my LinkedIn account for my URL, you know I find some value in business social media applications. I do also find other sites to be informative for different purposes. I always enjoy a good exchange of ideas online but would much prefer to be face-to-face for meaningful conversations. Emoticons just don’t cut it for me – LOL.

    Guess I’ll go look at the blog now to see what it has to say. I usually don’t spend the time to read entire postings if they don’t keep my interest.

    May God bless you in your social media meanderings to His glory and honor!

  2. Jac La Tour @ 2014-06-04 13:05


    Thanks for reading the whole post AND taking time to comment. Yes, social media is a perpetually valuable learning opportunity…but as for me, face-to-face all the way!


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