by Jac La Tour

Here are some questions for those of you who handle church finances:

  • Is all of your staffs’ taxable compensation being reported as taxable?
  • Are your senior pastor’s spending reports independently reviewed?
  • If someone donates in response to a crowdsourcing campaign to help a family adopt a child, can the donor claim that gift as a deduction?

Could you answer these questions? One person who can is Dan Busby, president of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. The editors of Church Law & Tax Report recently interviewed him to talk about the financial errors he sees churches make most often.

“Churches generally struggle with the same issues,” Busby says. “They play out in different ways, but the biggest questions they need to answer to assess the health of their financial administration are these three…”

You’ll find the three questions, their answers, and much more by reading “Three Questions to Ask about Your Church’s Financial Management.”

What’s an area of financial management that you’ve found particularly challenging at your church?

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