by Jac La Tour

Look what happens when we work together!

“There is nothing new under the sun,” Ecclesiastes says, but we believe there are new and better ways of doing things. ECCU’s current effort to involve more people in our mission to fuel Christ-centered ministry is a good example.

People have been supporting Christian causes and movements for centuries. But Social and online media are new ways of informing more people about causes and helping them get involved. So ECCU has gone viral with the message that you can fuel ministry in two key ways simply by opening a savings account.

First, when you open an account, we donate $20 to a cause you choose. Options include:

Fight human trafficking. We’ve partnered with the International Princess Project, an organization that works to free women from the ravages of sex slavery. In working with local agencies to set up micro-enterprise sewing centers, International Princess Project gives these women a fresh start and a place to heal.

Stop childhood hunger. Our partner, Compassion International, is releasing more than 1.5 million children from poverty worldwide. We support Compassion’s fund for highly vulnerable children who have been orphaned, abused, or exploited.

End domestic violence. The Sheepfold provides shelter, safe refuge, and a new beginning to homeless, abused, and forsaken women and their children. Since 1979, this ministry partner has provided a new beginning in life to thousands of mothers and their kids.

Support persecuted Christians. Believers in more than 60 countries are persecuted today because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Partner ministry Open Doors supports these oppressed Christians by providing Bibles, biblical literature, and discipleship training.

Besides supporting one of these organizations, you fuel ministry with your savings. While earning a competitive interest rate, your funds help us provide loans to ECCU member ministries and reduce international banking fees for our missionary members.

If you want to fuel ministry by opening a savings account, or know someone who does, visit

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