by Mark G. Holbrook

Songs have a way of communicating magnificent realities with a minimum of words. Such is the case with one of my favorite hymns—Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Notice how this brief line captures the spirit of the gospel: Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

These few words also capture the reality of what God did in and through ECCU in 2013. This alliance of people and organizations began the year trusting Him for the strength to fuel ministry each day. Given continued economic uncertainty, we also hoped for a year of financial stability. Our faithful God had much more in mind. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

Okay, you know cash reserves are important, and you’ll do the work to figure out how much your organization needs. But what if there were a tool to quickly calculate approximately what that amount will be?

Here it is! Click on it to see more detail and to access a white paper to help you do the detailed calculation.

by Jac La Tour

It’s been called the worst security hole the Internet has ever seen. And while it involves highly complex technical issues, the questions on most people’s minds are simple: Does it affect me and what should I do to protect myself? [read more]

by Chris Hernandez

Ever wonder what your money is doing when you aren’t using it? Sure, it’s sitting in your savings account earning interest. At ECCU, we tell our members that their deposits also help to fuel ministry. But what does that look like? [read more]

by Jac La Tour

The federal government has spelled out its argument against a recent court ruling that declared a provision of the clergy housing allowance to be unconstitutional. A brief filed in the Seventh Circuit Court presents the government’s case.  [read more]