by Jac La Tour

It’s a common tension for churches. Too many needs…too few resources. But what if there were a way to actually identify and meet more and more of the needs in your city? One pastor, Miles McPherson at the Rock Church in San Diego, says it’s possible, so we asked him to explain how. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

When I visited the Rock Church in San Diego a few years ago, the first person I met was their receptionist. After she greeted me, I asked her to tell me what they were all about. “We’re a do something church,” she quickly replied. Are they ever! A year ago they invested the equivalent of 100 full-time people (235,000 volunteer hours) serving their city. [read more]

by Mark G. Holbrook

God’s glory is the manifestation of all that God is—His divine attributes of holiness, grace, judgment, eternality, omniscience, and love, to name a few. To acknowledge God’s glory is to come to a greater understanding of who He is, to grasp a glimpse of His beauty, brilliance, effulgence, and radiance.  [read more]

by Jac La Tour

With recent news about debit card fees and “Bank Transfer Day” just a couple days away, a lot of people have been talking about banking lately. (If you’ve missed all the hype about the grassroots Bank Transfer Day event, there’s a good explanation of how it got started in an online article titled “Can Credit Unions Make a Success of Bank Transfer Day?”) 

Some churches have even been in the news lately, promoting to their people the idea of switching banks. What about your church or ministry? Have these events prompted your people to think and talk more about banking? What have they been saying? 

(We talked about it more in a post on our blog for missionaries titled “What to Say about Bank Transfer Day?“)

by Mark Jones

I think I’m a pretty smart person and shopper, and I’m always on the lookout for good value for my money. I also like to think of myself as a shrewd steward. Sometimes these ways of viewing myself conflict with each other.

When I’m looking for good value for my money, typically I’m looking for what’s in my best interest. After all, who else is going to look out for me? I do many of the things I’ve been taught, read about, or seen others do including comparison shopping, belonging to warehouse clubs, shopping online, and even recently using my phone to compare prices. All this to say, I’m trying to practice “a penny saved is a penny earned.” [read more]