by Mark Jones

A good friend reminded me that today, November 19th is the 149th Anniversary of the Gettysburg address.  Less than 30% of the people of the United States in 1863 supported President Lincoln.  Over 95% of the newspapers in the United States, after the address was given, said, “…it is not worthy to read.”

 Take a few minutes to read this address which along with the Declaration of Independence are the keystones of American Philosophy: [read more]

by Mark G. Holbrook

God’s glory is the manifestation of all that God is—His divine attributes of holiness, grace, judgment, eternality, omniscience, and love, to name a few. To acknowledge God’s glory is to come to a greater understanding of who He is, to grasp a glimpse of His beauty, brilliance, effulgence, and radiance.  [read more]