by Jac La Tour

Have you attended a Financial Forum for Ministries in the past? If so, you’ve experienced the benefits of this unique event. With the 2012 forums fast approaching, I asked Jeremy Moser, who has attended the past couple of years, a few questions about why it’s a good investment of time. Jeremy is the CFO at Mariners Church in Irvine, California. Here’s what he had to say. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

To help you know what to expect if you attend the upcoming 2011 Financial Forum for Ministries, I’ve interviewed each of the presenters to find out what they’ll be covering. First up is David Lee, ministry development officer with ECCU. His session is titled, “How to Measure and Communicate the Financial Health of Your Ministry.”  [read more]

by Bethany Plumb

If your church is growing—and growing—you are probably headed in one of two directions: Embracing the “small church” to “big church” culture change, or starting a church plant.

Jackie Vance, CFO at Harbor Church in San Diego (with eight church plants), talked about some of the challenges church plants face in last month’s post Managing the Money and Other Realities of a Multi-Site Church. I asked Jackie about the perks of a multi-site approach, and why Harbor Church was intentional from the beginning about growing in this way. [read more]

by Jac La Tour

I’ve been thinking about what’s new and interesting in the world of ministry financial services, wanting to wow you with fun facts and useful information. Which is why I’m devoting this post to…(drumroll please)…a new ministry report card. Okay, technically it’s called the Borrower Health Assessment, but that doesn’t make your stomach drop the way “report card” does. And it really works like a report card for ministries asking questions like: Are we making wise financial decisions? Are we financially healthy? Will we qualify to refinance when our loan matures? (This last one is most important to many ministries these days.)    [read more]